Wanna One Reunites after 3 Years, to Release Trailer for their Digital single!

Wanna One’s New Song after 3 Years!

There is some good news for Wanna One’s fans! The band is all set to release a new song after a long wait of three years. The news was confirmed on January 10th by their representative. It has been confirmed that Wanna One will release the song Beautiful(part 3) on 27th January.

Wanna One

The band reunited in MAMA

The band has performed their new song Beautiful(Pt. 3) for the first time on Mnet Asian Music Awards(MAMA) where they reunited. Moreover, the Beautiful(Part 3) song is a continuation of the song “Beautiful” released in 2017. The second part of the song has been released in 2018.

Wanna One

Wanna One band was founded as a group “Produce 101 Season 2” on Mnet. Kang Daniel, Yoon Ji Sung, Ha Seong Wu, Ha Sung Woon, Bae Jin Young, are all part of the band. The Korean band debuted with Energetic, and have released many hits thereafter. Songs such as I.P.U, Spring Breeze, and Boomerang are the favorites among their fans. They split in January 2019 after a concert at Gocheok SkyDome. The band has been really missed!

wanna One

 New album “B-Side” and new YouTube Channel

Wanna One band has released the trailer for their new album “B-Side” on their official YouTube channel! The band dropped the trailer on 25th January. The trailer has a unique touch to it as it features a tape played back from A to B. Furthermore, it comes with a theme of a cassette, which is the symbol for Wanna One. The band has also made their content accessible through their new YouTube Channel!


The song’s representation

As the trailer starts, we see various colours being mixed. The cassette, symbolic to the boy band, appeared transparent at first but eventually gains an aqua gray colour by the end of the video. Furthermore, some lyrics reappear linking the song to its prior parts. The expectation from the band is very high after the trailer was released. Wishing for all the hopes to be fulfilled!