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Visiting Iowa? 10 Things Worth Trying

If you are visiting the gorgeous state of Iowa, you will find an abundance of things to see and do while you are there. Here are 10 things worth trying. 

Visiting Iowa? 10 Things Worth Trying 5

High Trestle Trail Bridge

This stunning bridge has been built in modernist style and is definitely worth checking out. It crosses the Des Moines River and affords you views that you won’t see elsewhere. It is about half a mile long and 13 stories high and if you want to see Iowa from a unique angle, this is the way to do it. It doesn’t cost you a lot to cross it either, so it is great for a budget adventure. 

Des Moines

Des Moines is the state capital of Iowa, and it is certainly worth a visit. You can soak up the culture at the city’s many museums and art galleries during the day and sample the bars and theaters of an evening. Gambling is legal in the state, but casinos are limited, so if you want the fun and excitement of the slots or roulette wheel while you are there, check out this website instead. 

Concrete Gnomes

Remain Gardens are the home of some of the tallest garden gnomes in the world. This is a fun day out and you can enjoy gnome spotting and taking selfies with the gnomes. This is free to visit, and Remain Gardens are located in Iowa State University. 

The Day the Music Died

On 3rd February 1959, an airplane crash landed in a field in Clear Lake Iowa. It was carrying musicians Richie Valens, Buddy Holly, and J.P Richardson. All of them were killed along with the pilot, Roger Peterson. The field has since been turned into a memorial park where fans of 1950s music can pay their respects. The memorial starts with a huge pair of black-rimmed glasses and the field also contains a stainless-steel guitar and three stainless-steel vinyls. 

Captain James T. Kirk Future Birthplace

Although this legend is not due to be born until March 22, 2228, Trekkies from all over the world won’t want to miss the memorial to his future birthplace. This is a roadside attraction that is free to visit and photograph. If that doesn’t give you enough of a Star Trek fix, you can always visit the nearby Star Trek Museum which has been built by fans for fans. 

Fenlon Place Elevator

This is a novelty elevator that is fun to ride on if you have some spare time. It is an open car elevator that is only 300 feet long and is said to be the shortest, steepest railroad in the world. It also offers some stunning views of the Mississippi River. 

Lover’s Leap Swing Bridge

This is a great place to go for a hike and a picnic and it has the added delight of having a gorgeous rickety swing bridge to cross. This area is steeped in history and has more than a fair few ghost stories to tell, so gen up on your local knowledge to fully understand the legends of the bridge. This area is quite far out so it might be a good idea to hire a car if you want to go touring around the state. 

Maquoketa Caves State Park

This park was mostly constructed in the 1930s and houses some magnificent caves. They are milk-white and contain plenty of stalagmites and stalactites for geology lovers to admire. You can hike through the caves if you are feeling adventurous, but for the more nervous tourist, there are plenty of picnic areas around the park where you can remain in the open air. 

Iowa State Fairgrounds

This area was built during the 1880s and hosts the Iowa State Fair every year during the late summer. If you are lucky enough to be in the state during this time, then don’t miss out on the thrills and adventure on offer. There is a schedule available to view so that you don’t miss out on any shows or exhibits you particularly want to see. 

Herbert Hoover National Historic Site

President Herbert Hoover was born in Iowa and became the 31st President of the USA. While here you can visit the cottage he was born in, a replica of his father’s blacksmith shop, the schoolhouse he attended and the Quaker meeting house where he and his family worshipped. He is also buried on the site along with his wife.

Visiting Iowa? 10 Things Worth Trying 6

There are many things to see and do while you are in Iowa and there is plenty to keep you interested. Whether you are visiting for a day or so and have a couple of hours to kill, or whether you are planning a longer visit, you will enjoy all the warmth, hospitality, and places of interest that this great state has to offer. 

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