Violet Evergarden: What Fate does Season 2 hold due to the Ongoing Pandemic?

Violet Evergarden, a Japanese show that has gained fans all over the world ever since its first debut. The show had won the best animation title in 2019. Light every other show or movie, this show was also set to release in 2020 in the month of April, however, had to be stopped due to the outbreak of the unprecedented pandemic.

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Fans were eagerly waiting for the second season, which would be different from the first as the first was based on anime, unlike this, as said by the writers. The reason being that writing anime shows is much different from writing any other shows.


The story revolves around the lead character, Violet, who is in search of the true purpose of her life. A character who grows up to become a soldier. In war, she loses both her arms. She is taken care of by Gilbert, who dies in the first season.

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Now, Violet’s ultimate aims in life remain to search for Velvet, who dropped Violet to the doorsteps of Gilbert when she was young. Hence, the second season will take the story up from where it ended in the first season.

Updates about the cast

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 Yui Ishikawa, Bougainvillea, Claudia Hodgins, Baudelaire are the characters that performed in the first season and are to be returning with the second season as well. The major cast of the series remains unchanged, with slight differenced, if any, only at the last moment since the above-mentioned performers are confirmed to be a part of the second season in continuation of their brave performance in the first season, which is good news for the fans.

Where will the series be premiered?

As far as the first season is concerned, it was broadcasted by the giant, Netflix, and is expected the same for the second season, which is good news for them.

However, the question remains the same. When will the season be released? Sources say that the official announcement will come only with the stability in the world, which could be by then of 2020.