Vinsmoke Sanji : read all details about this Anime character and every latest update you need to know.

The fourth crew member of the anime series, Straw Hat Pirates, is Sanji. Well, if you consider Luffy in the list, he’s the fifth. But only the most die-hard anime lovers know that his full name is Vinsmoke Sanji. Vinsmoke is the title given to him because most of the time, he is seen smoking a cigarette. Although he came into the Straw Hats Pirates as the crew’s chef, he has even had a great ability to fight. He’s as good at cooking even.

Mostly, Sanji makes use of his legs during the fight. He has an incredible and impressive fighting style. And he also gives a powerful fight to his opponents. The very first thing that he learned while working as a chef was “Red Leg” Zeff of the Baratie.

Sanji also gets a ranking in the Straw hat pirates special corps, which is none other than the Monster Trio. However, the crew has more powerful men than him, such as Zoro and Luffy. However, Sanji is smarter than them and has also got a variety of additional skills that these men don’t have.

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Actually, Sanji is a prince of Germa kingdom and the third son of the king. However, no one in the crew knew this fact. Sanji left his house and ran away. He met Luffy and joined him as a chef for the crew. However, his main dream was to search for All Blue. It’s the place where one can find the fishes from all the four seas. However, he claims that the main reason for him to join the crew was Nami and that he has joined forever for skirt-chasing.

He’s the smartest anime character of all in the show. And the audience loves to see him fight as well as cook. Moreover, his hairstyle is also very famous among young children who watch the show.