Viking Season 6.Would it be the last Season?Release Date, Plot, cast and More

After five successful seasons, History TV came with Viking Season 6 produced by Michael Hint. Seasons Six consist of 20 Episode in two parts. Part 1 of 10 episodes has already hit the screen and part 2 of 10 episodes will be released soon.

Viking 6 will be the last and final season of the Viking Series. The producer announced that it will be the end of the series. Season 5 was released in November 2017 on Amazon Prime.

Release Date of Viking Season 6:-

Season 6 part 1(10 episodes) had been released on December 4, 2019. By seeing all previous patterns of release dates, Viking Season6 part 2 is expected to release in November 2020.

Season 6 will be the last season of the Viking series due to a decline in viewership. So all the Suspense suspense of part 1 will unfold in part 2 this Year.

Cast of Season 6:-

All the characters will be the same in Season 6. Bjorn Lothbrok Role will be played by Alexander Ludwig. Floki will be Gustaf Skarsgard, Georgia Hint will be presented as Torvi and Jordan Patrick Smith seen as Ubbe.

Plot of Viking Season 6:-

First Part of Season 6 ended When Bjorn was lying on the ground after stabbed by Ivars. Herald also looks like he is dead.

Ubbe and Torvi in Iceland are searching for Folki. Ranger is already dead which is a major turn out in the Story. So, Season 6 part II will disclose some surprising elements. Who will get the throne? Will any character be revived?  All these questions will be answered in part 2 of season 6. So we have to wait until the next Part to hit the screen.

Awards and Recognition;

Viking Series received Nomination Including Emmy and Critics Choice Award. It also got good ratings and good reviews from its viewers. Let us hope the upcoming season also proves to be a nice one.