Victoria Fuller: Bachelor Front-runner exposed as a Homewrecker & Serial Cheater!

Hannah Brown’s season of “The Bachelorette” has been always in controversy. In her season there were many ups and downs and majorly when out of the four contestants two of them claimed that they are not single.

However, now the problem arises as to the main face of this season Peter Webbed, is facing a similar crisis. Peter Webbed, who was previously the contestant with Hannah and became very famous among the fans. The two hit it off, eventually, Hannah went off with another guy but most of the fans couldn’t forget about Peter.

Peter Weber in a spot?
Picture: Instagram | Peter Weber

Now Peter needs to sort out things as he is making the headlines of the show. This show had already been in controversy due to the allegations on final contestants.

What actually the controversy is?

Victoria Fuller is already revolving with various allegations. The spoiler maestro recently revealed that he had never seen this negativity a hatred before.

Victoria Fuller exposed as Home wrecker and serial cheater!
Picture: Instagram | Victoria Fuller

According to the reports, Victoria is a homewrecker as there are many accusations against her that she breaks up the marriage. She had always been in a relationship with married men. Obviously, if she has been in a relationship with a married man then it’s not her fault but of those men. However, with further revelations, the spoiler maestro found that those unsuspecting wives were her friends and Victoria wreck so many families as if it was a sport for her.

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Don’t let this picture fool you, we spilled our wine & he almost dropped me #youredoinggreatsweetie

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How far these accusations are true?

Initially, it was thought that the spoiler maestro had created rumours against her but then he revealed that he researched it well by making contacts with some of the women and they confirmed this rumour. With this, the show always caught up with allegations and controversies and there are predictions that soon we won’t be able to see Victoria Fuller.