Venice’s Grand Canal Turns Vibrant Green: Shocking Incident Leaves Locals Bewildered

Venice’s Grand Canal turns bright green: Investigation underway

A stretch of Venice’s Grand Canal turned vibrant green, leaving residents stunned, on May 28, 2023. The incident was reminiscent of a similar event that occurred in 1968, when Argentine artist Nicolás García Uriburu released fluorescent dye in the canal during the Venice Biennale. Venetian authorities launched an immediate investigation, and multiple theories have emerged about the cause of the color change. Let’s dive deeper and explore the details of the incident.

Phosphorescent green liquid appears in Grand Canal

The incident occurred in the Grand Canal of Venice, a major waterway lined by historical palaces and churches. On May 28, local residents noticed a patch of bright green water near the Rialto Bridge and immediately reported it to the authorities.

Many theories emerge

Following the incident, there were a lot of speculations about the cause of the color change. People were quick to point fingers at environmental activists and pollution. Authorities investigated the matter and found that the substance responsible for the color change was fluorescein, a contrast agent used to diagnose eye problems. However, there was no confirmation on how exactly the substance got into the canal.

Grand Canal experiences a color alteration once again

This is not the first time that the Grand Canal has changed its color. Nicolás García Uriburu dyed the waters of the canal green during the Venice Biennale in 1968. The action was aimed at promoting ecological awareness. While the action generated quite a stir back then, the recent incident has left people confused and bewildered.

Investigation underway

Venetian authorities launched an immediate investigation to determine the cause of the color change. The Italian fire service took water samples, and local gondolier pilots were questioned about any suspicious actions they may have witnessed. Environmental groups were also scrutinized, but none of them claimed responsibility for the incident.

No harmful substances detected

The initial analysis conducted by the regional agency for environmental prevention and protection of Veneto (Arpav) showed that there were no toxic elements present in the fluorescein found in the canal. However, they have conducted more tests to determine the full nature of the substance in the water.

Environmental concerns

The event has raised environmental concerns. People are worried about the state of Venice’s Grand Canal and the impact of such incidents on the water quality. More needs to be done to ensure that such events are avoided in the future.

Venice’s historic canals

The green incident serves as a reminder of the importance of Venice’s historic canals. The Grand Canal, in particular, is not only a waterway but also a work of art and engineering that has stood the test of time. It is an essential part of Venice’s cultural heritage and has attracted millions of tourists over the centuries.

Authorities urged to take action

The green water in Venice’s Grand Canal has sparked calls for authorities to take action to protect the canal and prevent such incidents from happening in the future. Everyone is responsible for protecting the environment, and it’s time for more significant action to preserve Venice’s heritage.


Overall, the green water in Venice’s Grand Canal was a shocking event that raises questions about pollution and environmental concerns. While the appearance of fluorescein in the canal was not harmful, more needs to be done to prevent such incidents in the future.


1. What causes the green color in Venice’s Grand Canal?

Fluorescein, a non-toxic substance used for testing wastewater networks and to diagnose eye problems, caused the bright green color in Venice’s Grand Canal.

2. Can the green color harm people?

No, fluorescein is a non-toxic substance, and the initial analysis showed no presence of harmful substances in the green water.

3. Who is responsible for the green canal?

The investigation is still underway, and no one has claimed responsibility for the incident.

4. Is the green canal a threat to Venice’s heritage?

The green canal is not a direct threat to Venice’s heritage, but it raises concerns about pollution and the condition of the canals in general. It is vital to take more action to protect Venice’s cultural heritage and preserve it for future generations.

5. Are there any measures to prevent such incidents?

Authorities must take action to protect Venice’s canals and prevent such incidents from happening in the future. Stricter regulations and monitoring might help prevent similar cases of pollution.