Value of Remaining a Moderately Ambitious Scholar

Studying in a university can be a lot of hard work. Students find themselves going from one course to another, doing academic research – both in the library and online – to increase and maintain their knowledge on several topics. Many college students rarely have time for personal growth. They find themselves buried in a load of coursework, reading for the semester and even semesters to come. Well, college should be for both fun and education, regardless of which school you attend. 

Undoubtedly, life ambitions are a key prerequisite to success, both in school and the outside world. However, putting your ambition in life over other sectors tends to shorten your sight from learning basic lessons about how the world works. That’s why we advise scholars and students alike to create an ambition balance.

We have discovered the rigid life of so many scholars and their lack of basic social life. That is why the summary of this article goes down to giving advice for being an ambitious scholar. Not that we want you to focus on other things, we just want to make you keep the ambition balanced with other things. Follow this article without skipping a word for some values that help you maintain your ambition.

Keep your Schedule Light

In a bid to maintain your stand as a scholar, you might find yourself engrossed with a lot of work or books. Now, we know you love reading, you love knowing things, and you love researching. We also know how tidy you want your schedules to be, and you always want to challenge yourself to take on more tasks per day. 

Well, over-listing your schedules will not make you more of a scholar than you are. You might end up overworking your brain. Making a light schedule will help your brain take in your studies one at a time.

Do it now!

As much as we kick against tight schedules and overwork, we also know that students are keen to procrastinate on work that looks so easy. Procrastination would only pile up your workload, and you would lack the knowledge in that aspect. Do your work, assignments, or research as soon as you get them. In case of a large workload, be careful not to overwhelm yourself with work. That is, split your work into smaller bits. This enables you to concentrate on a small part of the whole rather than the whole itself.

Join an Extracurricular Society

As we maintained earlier, schoolwork isn’t the only lesson you will learn in school. Trust me; the social aspect of school teaches you human relations and interaction. The relationships you build with people are what you can leverage after school. Therefore, joining a non-academic society will boost your social life on campus. You can join a drama group, the school’s band, the cheerleading group, etc.

Have a life outside of Campus

As a student, you just want to focus on the main aim you enrolled in the college; studying and studying alone. You need to remind yourself that there is a life outside of your school’s premises, and you can be a part of that life. You can take on a weekend job or any other day that won’t interrupt your studies. You can go on trips every weekend or go skiing with your friend. Anything that allows you to meet new people or see new places.

Take a break amidst studies

Learn to take more than one break while studying. Create time to go outside of your workspace, take in the air, and feel the nature around you. Tell yourself that you are not useless because you are doing nothing, even though you might feel useless. Also, remind yourself that you have been walking all day long and that you need to rest for a while. This will help your brain to create more space for more knowledge. 

While you can decide to take coffee breaks between your daily studies, you can take a long break from school work during vacation. Forget about your next semester’s courses and just focus on yourself. Go on a mountain skiing vacation, sea diving, have your hair done, try new dishes or new restaurants, create your recipe, try new recipes, try yoga, and do other mental exercises. 

Trust me; there are many things you can do with your break. This helps you refresh your mind, and you will resume with a clearer mind for more productive work.


There is a saying, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Your studies are important, so is your mental, social, and family life.

As much as we encourage a light workload for you as a student, we discover that it is easy to get distracted by the whole light schedule and breaks. The breaks and other schedules are not for you to lose your focus. Remember, you have the first obligation to focus on your studies and ensure they are not lacking. However, your ambition in your studies is enough to draw your attention back to your work.