Vader becomes a teacher and Star Wars Episode II is going to launch new exciting features??

In Star Wars: Episode V, when the Empire strikes back Luke Skywalker goes on a journey to find Jedi Master Yoda to get trained under him. This puts Luke in a challenge. Jedi Master Yoda trains Luke to face himself emotionally, psychologically and physically.

Vader becomes a teacher and Star Wars Episode II is going to launch new exciting features?? 1
Image: Jedi News

In the upcoming Star Wars virtual reality experience, the Dark Lord has packed some pretty new tricks to show everyone.

On Friday, at Disney’s D23 Expo fans wait for the next chapter in virtual reality experience has ended. Fans have got their very first look at the Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series has even added the latest concept which features a frightening never seen creature, the Darkghast, and the Corvax Fortress. During an exclusive panel, the monstrous beast sets itself free.

In Episode II, fans are going to get a chance to be trained like never before of the Force with Darth Vader. They are also going to practice in the famous lightsaber dojo which is now coming with another bonus, by using the Force to lift an object and to also throw an ignited lightsaber at whoever the enemy is.

In Episode I, everyone was pulled out of the hyperspace directly over Mustafar and were able to engage briefly with Vader, who has brought the players to the lava flowing planet for a quest to find an object.

But as fans start to explore Episode II, they are promised to become more immersed in the action and ware going to learn how to harness the power of the Force. And what more, they are also going to navigate the mysterious dark tunnels located beneath the Corvax Fortress. The goal to be achieved in Episode II? To deliver the Bright Star to the Dark Lord of Sith.

Before going on stage, Ben Snow, Jose Perez II and Matt Martin has revealed more insights on the dashing new chapter.