Unveiling The Shocking Twist In Black Mirror’s ‘Joan Is Awful’ Episode Will Blow Your Mind!

Black Mirror’s ‘Joan Is Awful’: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

What Is ‘Black Mirror’?

Black Mirror is a British science-fiction anthology television series that looks at the dark side of technology and how it can negatively impact society.

Season 6 Episode 1: ‘Joan Is Awful’

The first episode of Season 6, titled ‘Joan Is Awful’, is a commentary on privacy and data usage in the modern world. The protagonist, Joan, discovers that her life is being played out on a TV show called ‘Joan Is Awful’, where she is portrayed by Salma Hayek. But that’s not even the strange part.

Joan’s Life as Portrayed by Salma Hayek

As Joan watches the show, she realizes that everything that happens on it is mirroring her own life. She sees her relationship struggles, her job woes, and even her therapy sessions played out on screen, with a Salma Hayek lookalike playing her character.

Joan’s Declaration of Independence

Joan realizes that her life isn’t her own anymore, so she decides to do something outrageous and repugnant that will make Salma Hayek distance herself from the show and hopefully end it. She defecates in a church during a wedding, dresses up like a cheerleader and spray paints a penis on her forehead. This outlandish move does the trick, albeit not quite as Joan intended.

The Twist in ‘Joan Is Awful’

At the end of the episode, the viewer finds out that the Joan portrayed by Salma Hayek is not the real Joan; she is a digital likeness of the real Joan. The real Joan, played by Kayla Lorette, is the ‘source’ of all the events played out on the show.

The Quamputer

Joan’s destruction of the ‘quamputer,’ Streamberry’s supercomputer, is part of a larger plan to end the show and free herself from the constraints it has put on her life. But it turns out that it’s all predetermined, and her actions are just predetermined moments from real Joan’s life.


‘Joan Is Awful’ is an interesting commentary on modern society’s obsession with sharing everything online and how that information can be abused. It also touches on the idea of privacy, free will, and identity, and how we’re all just characters in someone else’s story.


1. Is ‘Joan Is Awful’ the Best Episode of Black Mirror?

No, there are several other episodes of Black Mirror that have been better received than ‘Joan Is Awful.’ However, it is still an interesting and thought-provoking episode that touches on relevant societal issues.

2. What Are some Similar Shows to Black Mirror?

If you enjoy Black Mirror and its commentary on the darker side of technology, you may also enjoy shows like The Twilight Zone, Electric Dreams, and Inside No. 9.

3. Is Black Mirror Worth Watching as a Whole?

Yes, Black Mirror is an intriguing show that explores the darker implications of technology and how it shapes our lives. While not every episode is a hit, there are enough interesting ideas and creative concepts to keep you watching.

4. Who Created Black Mirror?

Black Mirror was created by British writer Charlie Brooker.

5. Will There Be More Episodes of Black Mirror?

There is no official word on whether there will be more episodes of Black Mirror, but fans of the show are still holding out hope that the series will continue.