Unfortunately Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp couldn’t stick it out!! The couple is rumored to have finally Ended their 8 years long relationship !!!

Meg Ryan has reportedly split from her fiance John Mellencamp. According to reports, it was Meghan that ended the relationship and she is very happy about it. The couple dated since 2011 and they had a bit complicated relationship. They got engaged last year.

Why did they split? 

Sources reveal that Meg was tired of this relationship and she has no regrets ending it. She is enjoying her single life. The rumors of their split started flying when the couple was not spotted together since May this year. Also, Meg was spotted without her engagement ring! Meg was feeling suffocated in the relationship. They had too much difficulty in keeping their relationship alive and she needed to get out of the mess.

Their relationship timeline :

The couple had ended their relationship in 2014 only but their love made them come back together that year. They split again in 2015 and then got back again in 2017.

Unfortunately, this time they couldn’t sort out their internal matters and their relationship has ended.

Why did they break up before so many times? 

Their breakups in the past had been due to distance between them. They had to work far away from each other and they were not able to spend quality time together which led to their split.

Their marriage status :

Meg was married once, and John, hold your breath ladies, he’s been divorced three times!! Well, a lot of falling ladies, isn’t it?? Meg has one child who is 27 and an adopted daughter. John is a father of 5 kids.

However, none of them have spoken about the rumors we are eagerly waiting for their reply.

On the work front :

Meg Ryan is famous for her role in CBS show ” as the world turns which aired in 1982 first. She is 57 years old. John Mellencamp is a famous American musician. He is 68 years old.