“Unbelievable”:Netflix has now another mind-blowing series based on true events in a lady’s life! Checkout for details!

Netflix has officially announced a new drama and from what the sources are saying, the new drama is based on a real story. Netflix’s “Unbelievable” is a real story that is centered around a Washington state woman named Marie. When Marie has first reported a file against a guy for rape charges, she instead was charged for false reporting after Marie has admitted that she was lying about being raped.

Except that a few months later she was declared innocent and that she was not lying about being raped. It was announced that Marie was indeed telling truth about being raped and was a victim of a serial rapist. This serial rapist was later caught and was sentenced to prison for 327 years.

"Unbelievable":Netflix has now another mind-blowing series based on true events in a lady's life! Checkout for details! 1
Image: Netflix

Marie’s entire story was documented in a 2015 joint article by “The Marshall Project” and “ProPublica”, this joint article was named as “An Unbelievable Story of Rape”. This joint article explores the traces of how Marie was silenced by law enforcement.

Marie’s story has come to light later when two female detectives have apprehended the rapist several states over. Sgt. Gregg Rinta, the supervisor of sex crimes, wrote in his review about Marie’s case that Marie has withdrawn her case after being a victim of hounding and bullying by government servants, detectives. He has named that the actions of these detectives as cruel, coercive and to top it off unbelievably unprofessional.

The joint articles have their records bouncing back and forth between the years 2008 and 2011. Marie was 18-years-old in 2008 when she was raped. Marie has been freshly released from foster care and has immediately filed a report that a man has broken into her apartment in Washington and raped her while was sleeping. She detailed the incident and said that he was wearing a black mask and has tied her up using her shoestrings. She later added that he took pictures of what he has done and later got her washed up to remove any sort of evidence.