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Tyrion Lannister aka Peter Dinklage’s comedy thriller “I Care a Lot” will release on 19th of February

“I care a Lot” is a comedy thriller film. It was already premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on 12th of September, 2020. The film is originally set to release for audience in USA is on 19th of February, 2021. People are expecting a lot from the movie. Since the cast of the movie has very great name it is actually not wrong to keep higher expectations from it.

One of the big name from the cast is Peter Dinklage. He has already portrayed the most powerful, sensible and intelligent character called Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones. Recently, the Netflix has rolled out latest images of the movie. In the pictures we can clearly see some of the main cast of the film.

What is “I Care a Lot” is based on?

The plot of the movie seems to be very unique. Marla (Rosamund Pike)and her partner Fran (Eiza González) cheat on various senior citizens financially. When their life was going smooth they encounter Jenifer Peterson (Dianne Wiest) who was nothing but a golden egg for them. However, they come to know that the women don’t belong to normal background. The pair realize they have unknowingly made an enemy who is very dangerous crime lord(Peter Dinklage). He is the son of Jennifer and will do anything to protect his mother from the fraud.

The team of “I Care a Lot”

J Blakeson has directed the movie. Whereas, he has also produced the movie along with Ben Stillman, Michael Heimler and Teddy Schwarzman. Apparently, J Blakeson is also the writer of the movie. The movie stars Rosamund Pike, Dianne Wiest, Eiza González, Peter Dinklage, Chris Messina, Macon Blair, Isiah Whitlock Jr. and Damian Young.

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