Tyler the Creator has Achieved a lot of Fame Through his Talent as Evident from his Net Worth

Tyler the creator is an American rapper and singer who’s present net worth is $6 million. He is just 28 and his fame rose when he uploaded some of his music on Tumbler and it went viral like fire in forest. He has also appeared in television shows like “Mindy Project”, “Late night with Jimmy Fallon” and “jimmy kimmel live”. Tyler is also the co-founder of “Odd future Wolf Gang Kill them all” which is a famous hip-hop group.


A story from “Tyler the creator” to “Tyler Gregory Okonma”

The real name of “Tyler the creator” is Tyler Gregory Okonma who was born in Ladera Heights, California on March 6, 1991. As a child, Tyler has never met his father and is completely well raised by his mother and his sister. In very young age Tyler had developed his interest in music. Therefore at the age of 14 he started to learn piano and in no time he was a fine pianist. As for his nature he was quite shy and isolated person in school. Before starting his music career he worked at few places such as FedEx and Starbucks.

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His debut tape was released in 2009 and it gained popularity in no time. Soon after, he signed a record with XL Recordings. He also performed in shows like “MTV Awards” and “Late night with Jimmy Fallon”. Then in 2011 he created his own hip hop group called “odd Future”. This group later started their own series known as “adult swim” which was a comic live-action with 31 episodes.

He also has won the “MTV Video Music Award” for best new artist in 2011. His recent album was released in 2019 known as Igor. One of his finest albums was released in 2015 “Cherry Bomb” and other singles from odd future which features various famous artists like Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Schoolboy.