“Two hundred cars on the streets of Houston!”: Flood in Huston Freeways, hundreds of cars left on Highways.

Huston Freeways were left with hundreds of cars because of floodwaters on the highways. It became impossible for the vehicles to pass the roads, but still, the drivers of the cars went their vehicles on the streets. Two big trucks were used to remove 200 cars from the highways when the waters receded. Police Chief Art Acevedo said that apart from those 200 cars, there are hundreds of vehicles still left in the roads due to flood. The mayor, Sylvester Turner, said that the things are starting to improve. The main concerns were for the neighborhood alongside the rivers and the lakes. A torrent of rain had a feel, and a tropical storm was weakened into a tropical depression which passed over. There is one death reported due to the storm and a man died due to driving into the deep waters on Thursday and died. The man was in his 40s or 50s and was one of the people extracted out from a submerged van as told by the Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez. The driver had stopped for a brief period while approaching the highway and then his van fell into 8 feet deep waters causing the trailer to submerge and death of the driver ultimately. The storm even caused heavy rains to southeastern Texas in for three days. Moreover, according to the National Weather Service office in Houston, some of the areas received 30 inches of rainfall while one of the spots in Jefferson County got 43.15 inches of rain.

The recent development in the recovery from the rainstorm includes that there have been 387 water rescues. The flight arrivals at the Huston Bush Airport will resume at 4 a.m. where one of the airport terminals is flooded. The city government will be returned by Friday while the school would remain closed.