Two Girlfriends of R.Kelly get into a physical fight at the Trump Tower. Read on to know the complete details.

On Wednesday, R. Kelly’s girlfriends, Azriel Clary and Joycelyn got into a physical altercation at the Trump Tower condo in Chicago.

According to TMZ, they were seen yelling at each other inside the apartment before getting into a physical battle, which was reported by the video obtained by Clary’s Instagram.  At the end of the footage, only noisy voices could be heard off, as, during their fight, Clary’s phone was jostled and fell to the ground, but their screaming voices were clearly heard.

Police officials were called at the incident place

After watching the physical fight between the two girls, a spokesperson called to the Chicago Police. The police officials reported the incident place at 2:10 PM on Wednesday.

The officials then questioned the two females, a 22-year-old victim, and 24-year-old accused. The victim said that they were engaged in a verbal altercation that suddenly became physical when the 24-year-old female struck the victim’s face.

A spokesperson from the place of the incident told to the police officials that they were fighting, especially the offender who was engaged in a physical fight until unknown individuals separated them. And later, the victim was sent to the nearest Northwestern Hospital.