Two friends from Netherlands had no intention to Raid Area 51, then why were they arrested?

Area 51 is one of the most talked places a few months back. Many people from across the globe have signed up to raid the Area 51 on September 20th.

Two friends from the Netherlands have ended up in jail after they were found three miles deep into Nevada’s National Security Site.
The Dutch friends had alleged that they just wanted to go visit the mysterious Area 51 before they left the U.S., but for their bad luck, they just ended behind bars.

Two friends from Netherlands had no intention to Raid Area 51, then why were they arrested? 1
Image: CNN

Govert Charles Wilhelmus Jacob Sweep, 21-years-old, and Ties Granzier, 20-years-old, were arrested for wanting to have a good look at Area 51 and were under the supervision of Nye County Sheriff’s Office.

The two Dutch friends were close to Area 51, which had become the primary focus of all the conspiracies and alien theories for decades. These theories allege that the U.S. Government has done a pretty good job of hiding the evidence of the existence of aliens and UFOs under the restricted surveillance of Area 51.

But the two dutch friends argue that they have never had the thought of participating in the “Raid Area 51”.
The two Dutch friends have put forth the statement that they had whatsoever no intention to storm the area because they were going to leave the day before the raid storming day. They have said that they just wanted to see how the area looks and that they were no harm.

When the two friends were arrested on 10th September, they have informed the deputies that they could write, read and speak English fluently and that they have come across the “No Trespassing” boards at the entrance of the site. The police have reported that the two friends were just tempted to take a look at the facility.

Deputies have reportedly found a drone, a phone, cameras and a laptop in the vehicle that the friends have used.