Two dead and one killed in an knife Attack at Paris; The assilant is shot dead by the police

A terrifying incident took place at Paris in which two people are seriously wounded and one is killed.
Where did the knife attack took place?

A shocking incident took place on 3rd January 2020 Friday in the Paris suburb of Villejuif, 5 miles south of the French capital. A knife welding man went on a killing spree killing people randomly. He appeared suddenly in the Hautes Bruyeres Park stabbing people at random. Before entering the park he also stabbed two people. The assailant proceeded towards a shopping center in the suburb Hay-les-Roses where he was shot and killed by the police.

The incident took place at 14:00 local time. Police stated that the attacker had stabbed three people out of which one died and two are still in serious and critical condition. Police arrived 10 minutes after the attack took place. A bystander called the report that two people are lying on the ground while another phoned to report that a man is running around the park with a knife in his hand.
The attacker would have claimed more lives

The police authorities haven’t revealed the identity and the motive of the attacker yet. According to a local source the attacker was psychologically disturbed and he had the habit of walking in the park barefoot. A witness also stated that the assailant was choosing and attacking his victims at random. The police authorities were praised stating that the attacker would have claimed more lives if they would not have reached in time.

The mayor of the Hay-les-Roses Vincent Jeanbrun said to BFMTV that had the would not have arrived than the attacker would have continued his killing spree in the shopping mall also. Luckily the police were quickly alerted and made their way rapidly to the scene where they neutralized him.