Twitter had to apologize over their Racist Algorithm and admits that it is totally their fault! Check this out.

Social media is a domain where people watch and share stuff that they see online. All the happenings that are ongoing in the world with the people are updated on social media sites with media as references and proofs for the people to believe in. People know that in order to prove something to the world, they would need legal proofs for the same and that is why there has to be something as evidence for the world to believe in.

There are incidents that take place in a country and thatโ€™s the reason why there are uprisings in certain parts of the country, since there are many people in this world as with more diversity, there are reasons that create differences and causes fights. With one group making comments on others in social media causes radicalization as one group plots against the other with the words that are used and that is the same reason why fights erupt in the world.

What was the racial event that we are talking about?

Not once but repeatedly, there have been protests and violence in the world when one group of people plot against the other group. There could be various reasons that could cause uprisings in the world.

With violent protests taking place in the world, there is a trend noticed in the world where people make comments that go against the certain groups of people and that is why twitter had to apologize for allowing violent and racist comments to prevail on its domain despite the social media being responsible for allowing the same to prevail over the social media such as that which is responsible for maintaining peace and serenity in the world.