Tuesday’s episode of “The View” has the ladies whooping each other’s as*es.

“The View” show has a pretty simple motto, to showcase different people’s ideas and views to everyone. Discussions are an everyday thing on “The View”. But very rarely we have seen an argument and very, very rarely we see the host angry.

Today on “The View” show, the women around the table were pretty much involved in discussing the Ukraine scandal and slowly this discussion turned into a heated argument. Then the host, Whoopi Goldberg talked Meghan McCain off and then skipped into a commercial break.

Image: Raw Story

Tuesday’s episode of “The View” started off with a discussion about an army officer, Alexander Vindman who allegedly claims that he has overheard President Trump’s call with the Ukrainian President. Alexander Vindman is currently being testified by the Congress about what he has overheard.
Then slowly, the slow and peaceful discussion started to turn into a hot argument, Whoopi Goldberg “The View” show’s moderator has jumped in and asked everyone at the table to take a breath.

But, that did not stop Meghan McCain, one of the ladies at the table, from continuing with her point ignoring Whoopi Goldberg requests to stop talking.
Whoopi Goldberg reasoned with her interruption that everyone has a lot of things to say at the table and that they really are willing to hear what everyone wants to speak. Then Whoopi Goldberg intertwined her fingers and added that they were starting to that “thing”.

Meghan McCain was pretty confused and questioned what “thing” is.
Whoopi Goldberg answered her that everyone at the table was talking over one another.

Meghan McCain replied that the show is “The View”, meaning that talking over each other is fine.

Whoopi Goldberg replied that “The View” is a type of show that has the ability to show different points of view and that they also respect each other around the table.