Truth is better than Pretending, Actor Terrence Howard ‘done’ with acting!


Terrence Howard “DONE” with his acting.Image result for Terrence Howard The actor is now no more interested in carrying on with his acting career and claimed that he is now planning to turn back from the fake world of acting and get back to reality. He now wants to ‘focus’ on the truth. He would leave the industry when the sixth and final season of ‘Empire’ come to an end.

The fifty-year-old when asked about the reason behind his reasons he told that he is now done with acting and he is done pretending. He will not be focusing on philanthropy either but bring the truth to the world. The shimmering world of acting is not as good as it seems to be from the outside.Image result for Terrence Howard However, he also acknowledged that he is going to miss his “Empire” co-stars. He told that he loves the cast members and the crew too. Actor in the movie ‘Hustle & Flow’ unveiled about the news of quitting after the fact of being investigated for the criminal tax evasion.

The federal government has doubts on him of committing financial crimes and Mira Pak whom he had divorced in the year 2015 but got engaged to her again later in 2018. However, the spokesperson of the US State Attorney’s Office said that their officers could neither deny nor confirm any investigation being done on Terrence.Image result for Terrence Howard The actor is a father to 5 children from his three marriages and had a tax lien of $143,538.61 earlier this year. He owed the taxed since 2010.

Apart from this, he meanwhile had vowed that he would never turn his back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe after playing the role of James Rhodes in the first Iron Man series. He was then later on replaced by Don Cheadle who got to take on the War Machine.