Tristan’s cheating scandal rocked Khloe Kardashians world and Now she is not willing to date anyone but her daughter! Is being Single Difficult?

Khloe Kardashian is again single after splitting from Tristan Thompson. His cheating scandal opened new love avenues for Khloe.

There are many waiting in line to connect romantically with Khloe.

Is Khloe ready for new romance?

As per a few insiders, she is not ready to take the plunge so soon. Yes, the cheating scandal has rocked her world, but her priority right now is True Thompson. Khloe and Tristan are True’s parents, and now she wants to around True all the time rather than waiting for the right man to come.

Any update from Keeping up with Kardashians?

According to the show, Khloe is already busy with her work. She hates to leave her daughter alone. So taking out time for a new beau, is going to be an effort. But fans will see Khole hooking up with someone or the other for dinner dates to casual dating.

Tristan and Khloe Are History?

They do see each other, but only when they are handing off True to each other. Tristan is trying to get back to her. His Insta emoji messages convey his efforts, but Khole doesn’t see the possibility shortly. She is clear she can only take him back if she is 101% sure. Khloe doesn’t think Tristan is a bad person and has forgiven him even in the past for a few mistakes.

Khloe is apparent in her message she is taking time off from all the dating and relationship burdens. She wants to be single for the time being so she could spend more time with her daughter. She is a successful woman, and her work and daughter are taking preference over everything.

It could be the reason she is taking time to be with 10 Mos.