Travis Scott Has A Big Collaboration Coming Up And It Is About A McDonalds Meal ! Check out to know what we are talking about.

It seems like popular rapper Travis Scott has a huge announcement to.make and no, it is not about any of his upcoming album or single track! What is this new announcement all about?

Rapper Travis Scott Has Teamed Up With McDonald’s For A Special Meal.

Apparently, the Houston rapper has teamed up with the popular fast food joint McDonald’s, and a whole new personalized meal will be available for consumers, this meal will be available from 8th September to 4th October.

This brand new personalized meal would include a Quarter Pounder with cheese with bacon and lettuce, french fries with BBQ sauce dip, and a Sprite drink for $6. The rapper has shared some first look images about this Cactus Jack team up.

This Team – Up Will Be Looking Forward To Helping And Encourage Some Charitable Causes As Well.

As McDonald’s US chief marketing officer, Morgan Flatley has opened up about this exciting new team-up saying Travis is a true fan of the food joint and it has been a big part of his childhood back in Houston. Moreover, Flatley has welcomed the pop star with open arms and is extremely excited about this collaboration.

This collaboration is special.for two big reasons, one being that it is almost after thirty years that the joint has added a superstar’s name to their menu, as said by Morgan Flatley himself. Moreover, the collaboration will be working for some charitable causes well, looking forward to supporting some organisations .

A couple of weeks ago, singing sensation Selena Gomez also collaborated with a popular ice-cream joint, to promote one of her new single track. Pop star icons are collaborating with various food joints for various purposes.