Travelers season 4: Will it ever come? Here is what Eric Mccormack revealed something MAJOR for the show!

We cannot disagree with the fact that Netflix comes up with great contents. One such interesting show was The Travelers. And we recently got the news that Travelers season 3 was the last one. So is there any possibility of this interesting show to return back? Or is it the end of the story? Well, you’ll have to read below and find it out.

Travelers season 4 got cancelled in 2019. And the outraged fans are still in a doubt that why such a good show got cancelled. Cast member Eric McCormack who was seen in the show as Grant Maclaren gave the news through his twitter that the show will not continue after season 3.

The original streaming platform of the show was Showcase but in 2018 it dropped the show down. After that, Netflix came up and continued the show’s international telecast. But after season 3 even Netflix dropped it. And now fans are wondering whether the show has been stopped permanently or is there any chance for it to be back.

Will there be a Travelers season 4?

According to the present scenario, there’s very less chances that Travelers season 4 will happen. But we shouldn’t lose hope, because this is what happened at the end of season 2. No one was expecting that there would be a third season but it came.

Possible plot for season 4

Although the chances for season 4 is really less, but if it would happen then we will see Grant in a completely different timeline. He will separate himself from the rest members of the gang. Further, there will be a new travelers mission in season 4. However, not much is known about the upcoming mission for now. We will surely get some information by the showmakers if it gets back.