Tragic Shooting Rocks Red River Motorcycle Rally: Three Dead, Multiple Injured as Gang Confrontation Turns Violent.

Multiple individuals were shot during a motorcycle rally in Red River, New Mexico on Saturday, resulting in at least three fatalities, as confirmed by local authorities.

According to Red River Mayor Linda Calhoun, five people sustained injuries, with one of them being airlifted to a hospital in Denver, as stated by the New Mexico State Police.

The mayor, speaking through CNN affiliate KOAT, revealed that all individuals involved in the shooting are currently in police custody. The scene has been secured, and law enforcement has assured the public that there is no ongoing threat to their safety.

During a news conference aired by KOAT, State Police Chief Tim Johnson stated that the shooting originated from a “confrontation of some sort” between motorcycle gangs.

In a subsequent press release, the police identified the deceased as Anthony Silva (26 years old) from Los Lunas, Randy Sanchez (46 years old) from Albuquerque, and Damian Breaux (46 years old) from Socorro.

Jacob David Castillo, one of the participants, has been arrested and charged with “an Open Count of Murder.” Castillo was injured during the shooting and is currently receiving medical treatment.

Another injured individual was apprehended and charged with possession of cocaine, as stated in the press release. Additionally, a third individual was arrested and charged with “Unlawful Carrying of a Firearm in a Liquor Establishment.”

Law enforcement authorities have confirmed that the remaining four injured individuals have not been charged with any crimes.

The fatal shooting took place during the Red River Memorial Day Motorcycle Rally, an annual event that attracts an estimated 28,000 bikers to the town over the Memorial Day weekend.

Following the incident, Police Chief Johnson announced an increased police presence in and around the rally.

He stated, “There will be zero tolerance from this point forward. That is traffic violations for one mile an hour over, seatbelt, jaywalking – we’re going to stop and talk to everyone if they violate any law, traffic or criminal.”

Chief Johnson emphasized the commitment to make arrests whenever possible, reiterating that such incidents would not be allowed to recur during the weekend or any future Memorial Day celebrations.

The injured victims were transported to Holy Cross Hospital in Taos and the University of New Mexico Health in Albuquerque, located approximately 170 miles to the south, for medical treatment, according to the state police.

The mayor confirmed that the first officer arrived at the scene within 30 seconds of the emergency call. Additional New Mexico State Police officers were dispatched to Red River.

Mayor Calhoun stated on Saturday night that due to the active crime scene and ongoing investigation, access to the area, including most of Main Street, would be restricted.

Local authorities, including state police and county sheriffs, requested that businesses in the vicinity remain closed until Sunday, May 28, to allow for the completion of the investigation and clearance of the crime scene.

In response to the shooting, Taos, situated approximately 40 miles from Red River, implemented a curfew until 4 a.m. local time on May 28, as declared by Mayor Pascualito Maestas in an emergency proclamation. The curfew prohibits the sale of alcohol by retailers, bars, and other establishments during its duration.

Mayor Maestas urged everyone to stay safe and extend their prayers to Red River through a Facebook post.

However, Mayor Calhoun confirmed that no further curfews were planned, stating that most motorcycle gang members had already left the area. She emphasized that the city’s focus is to return to normalcy.

The mayor announced that a community meeting had been scheduled for Wednesday afternoon, during which the future of the rally would likely be discussed.