Top Reasons Why Students Present Plagiarized Assignment

Sometimes students may present someone’s work or ideas as their own without proper referencing. In some cases, the assignments are just lifted and copy-pasted work from different sites, edited with few words and then presented for marking.

Of course, there are numerous reasons students cheat, ranging from dishonourable intentions to genuine reasons. No matter how genuine the reasons are, no one of them is acceptable by the academic regulations. Here are the various top reasons why students present plagiarized assignments.


Top Reasons Why Students Present Plagiarized Assignment 5

Collaborative model of knowledge production

A collaborative method of knowledge production is suitable only if it’s used correctly. When students get used to this method of knowledge productions, it becomes tough for them to distinguish between ideas from people’s work and their thoughts. That’s why it’s difficult for them to paraphrase someone’s work in their own words.

It’s often confusing for them to be told they copied someone’s work because they have been used to that learning mode. As a student, you should never take advantage of the shared resources on the internet. Ensure that you have checked plagiarism using the available tools on the internet before assignment submission.

Tool for avoiding plagiarism issues

College students can utilize various tools on the internet to check plagiarism content in their work. No matter the level of study, they will help point out the websites where the student has lifted the work. College students can also check their work on for any instance of plagiarism. They should always make sure that their content is 100% unique before every submission. All education processes should enlighten the student’s experience for them to come up with new ideas.

Lack of understanding of quotations

Most students think that quoting someone’s work is not considered plagiarism, and unfortunately, it is! For every assignment, they should make sure that they have cited facts and figures based on their understanding and not just copy-pasting someone’s work as their own.

The assignments are meant to test their understanding of various topics, and they should be willing to show their knowledge instead of finding an easy way to finish the assignment. Many students are confused about what to state and what not to. Others assume that the citation placed at the end of the paragraph is enough to cater for everything in the section. Sadly, that’s wrong!

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Sloppiness is the lack of care and organization in the individual’s work. Every student out there can be sloppy when making short notes for the sake of assignment completion, and this leaves them confused with what to write in their assignment and how they should do it. Most of them, when caught, ends up claiming that they used their notes to do the assignment.

Sometimes when typing the assignments, the student tends to remember words verbatim and instead of concentrating on the written summary, they usually end up plagiarizing their work. Of course, some won’t even remember whose words they are, but they will find out that they used someone’s work after using a plagiarism checker.

Content integration difficulties 

Some of the assignments tend to be very complex, and the students have to research in multiple sites and draw their conclusion. Coming up with a single conclusion from different sites is never a lap of luxury. Fortunately, the work will appear more authentic because they have integrated the source material into their expositions.

Most of them will argue that coming up with an effective summary needs a lot of effort, and it’s often time-consuming. But they know they should. And it’s even more difficult if they have to formulate their arguments according to the conventions of the particular field they are dealing with. 

Lack of confidence 

Confidence is highly required in every academic field. It’s better to fail and learn than copy and paste someone’s work without their consent. While doing the assignment, several students usually lack confidence in whatever they are writing. They are always thinking that someone else knows it better than they do.

That’s not how it should be. Students need to build their confidence to tackle the assignments given with ease. Through confidence, they will be able to come up with their ideas and present them boldly in their assignment.


Cases of plagiarism are on the rise nowadays due to students’ failure to distinguish their thoughts and ideas from other people’s work. Fortunately, there are various ways to clear out plagiarized content from their work, like using multiple tools found on the internet or hiring professional services. Before submitting the assignment, students should make sure that their work is free of plagiarism. 

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