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Toni Braxton Talks About Her Past Regrets And Not Being Able To Have More Sex ,When Younger! Check it out.

Fifty-two-year-old Toni Braxton opened up about her personal life, meeting the iconic Stevie Wonder and some of her regrets and remorse which she felt came from her deep-rooted belief system. The singer was extremely candid about all the things she could have done when she was younger.

Toni Braxton Gets Extremely Candid About Her Life And Past Regrets!

Braxton further explained how her deep-rooted religious upbringing stopped her for from a lot of things she could have done. She regrets not partying more, drinking or smoking more, she also wished she had more sex as well. Here’s a little sneak peek into her upcoming track titled Spell My Name.

The singer recalled that wonderful moment when she met Stevie Wonder who touched her face and said how beautiful Braxton was. She is a big fan and that moment was massive for her.

Toni Braxton Opens Up About Being A Mother and More Life-Changing Experiences.

Toni Braxton talked about how she wished autism wouldn’t have been such a misunderstood concept. Her own son was diagnosed with autism when he was three, and now she works for a charity named Autism Speaks. Braxton took this opportunity to spread awareness about it and how blessed some is for her son who now goes to a normal school. She reminded people how one can benefit from early diagnosis which actually works wonder in the future.

The singer is all set with her new upcoming album titled Spell My Name. The catchy lyrics are already creating a buzz around and don’t forget to listen to all the songs. Braxton is already busy with some great back to back collaborations, she recently released one with Missy Elliott.

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