Tom Holland and Zendaya: Genuine relationship or promotional stunt?

Tom Holland and Zendaya, the famous Spiderman duo are back are in the limelight once again. The news of their relationship spread all over the internet like wildfire. Tom Holland and Zendaya played the roles of Peter Parker and MJ in both parts of Spiderman.

How did it all start:
Tom Holland and Zendaya first met on the sets of ‘Spiderman: Homecoming’ where it all started. They soon began popping up at each other’s Instagram feeds and twitter accounts. They began to spend time with each other and even go on vacation. From making their first red carpet appearance together to going on promotional events, they began to spend time together.


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In July 2017 People’s Magazine published a report confirming that the duo was dating. According to sources, they both want to keep their relationship very private as of now. Tom Holland also spent time with Zendaya’s family. Tom Holland and Zendaya denied the rumors saying that they are just very good friends. If the Internet and rumors are to believe, then they are much more than just work acquaintances.

Genuine relationship or promotional strategy?

Its been two years since the relationship rumors of Tom Holland and Zendaya are surfing all over the internet. Due to this, the duo gained enormous publicity. Among all the chaos neither of the two have officially announced anything on this topic. Recently on Ellens Show, Tom Holland shot down the rumors of them being in a relationship. He said that they’re just best friends and enjoy each other’s presence. Further, he added that he is currently not dating anyone, but he is a relationship person.

Recently, Bill Murray and Selena Gomez faked their relationship for a movie promotion. The same theory can be applied to the Spiderman duo too. So, we can say it is probably a promotional stunt.