Tom Hardy’s version of “A Christmas Carol” is going to ignite Charles Dickens’ magic again!! The series is not like any other adaptations of the novel!! Know more about it here!!

Charles Dickens surely penned down an incredible novel “A Christmas Carol ” for his readers. But now, his works are available on the screens too!! A Christmas carol has been a great source of interest for various directors and producers over time. But this time, Tom Hardy has something different for us. His version of the novel his going to be completely different and sure we are very excited!!

The TV series has been shot in Essex where there were huge sets of snow. It was a great mystery in the starting as no one knew for which show the shooting is going on. Later it was revealed that the series is the latest version of “Christmas Carol “. In the starting, there were rumors that Tom Hardy was acting in the series but later it got revealed that he is actually producing it.

The series consists of three seasons and will be available on BBC in England and on FX in the USA. The series is about a man who tries to reform himself and become a good-hearted person after being haunted by ghosts. The series is definitely not for light-hearted people.

Tom Hardy revealed that he feels that it was a very great opportunity for him to produce something inspired by the iconic writings of Charles Dickens. He was very grateful to his entire team who were very supportive and gave their best for the film.

The main character is being played by very talented Guy Pearce who gained massive popularity for his acting in Iron Man 3. Other members of the cast are Stephen Graham, Charlotte Riley and many more.

It has still not been disclosed when is this incredible TV series going to air on television. But we believe that it will be released soon. All the best to the cast of ” Christmas Carol “!!  We hope that this version is also able to keep up the magic of  Charles Dicken’s works.