Tom Hanks reveals ‘Fred Rogers’ looking as dashing as ever at the Toronto International Film Festival!

Ever since the announcement of Tom Hanks playing the role of Mister Rogers has been revealed, the dream star cast of the fans has come true. The film, ‘A Beautiful Day in Neighborhood’ which stars Tom Hanks as the host of “Mister Rogers Neighborhood” premiered on Sunday night at the Toronto International Film Festival.

The film is all set to hit the box office on 22nd November 2019. The film won’t be exactly the biopic of Fred Rogers but will dramatize the true story of the journalist who went to Pittsburgh to profile Fred Rogers for Esquire magazine.

The film is directed by the director of “The Diary of a Teenage Girl”, Marielle Heller. It is an American biographical drama. The film is based on the article “Can you say…Hero?” by Tom Junod.

Besides Tom Hanks, the star cast includes Matthew Rhys, Susan Watson, and Chris Cooper. Here, Matthew Rhys plays the role of a journalist who had written the article.

Credit: Photo by Eric Charbonneau/Shutterstock

Tom Hanks, who is only a part of the drama, drew thunderous claps from the audience in the festival, for his gentle body-transformation to fit in as Rogers along with rave reviews from the critics.

Post-screening of the film, Tom Hanks said, “We slow down to listen to him. It was always going to be, I think, deconstructing the myth of it to show he was a regular guy who went out for Chinese food. At the same time, there is this mystery. What’s his motivation?”

Roger’s life, who died at the age of 74, was chronicled into a documentary named “Won’t You Be my Neighbor?” which was a film by Hanks. The film was made after extensive research was done by Hanks by going through previous tapes. The ticket sale of the film was about $12.4 million.

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