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Tom Hanks and Laura Dern paired up to host A Night in the Academy Museum on ABC

A Dream to come true, after 10 years new museum is having guests

After a long wait of 10 years finally, the museum is going to have the grand event it deserves. The museum of Los Angles received guests from the Academy of Motion Picture Art and Science. However, they are majorly known for distributing Oscars each year. The museum is one of the oldest in LA. It is now in the talks because of the ABC Prime Time Special which will be hosted by Tom Hanks and Laura Dern.

Other guests at the event

The event is a special one, mostly because the creators have dreamt of this more than 100 years ago. However, it was first realized that this place should be used and conducted like this in the last five years of construction. Meanwhile, the Academy Film has this forthcoming. The festival aims to inspire the imagination and its inspiration for every person who comes along the way of the industry.

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Even the decoration and architecture of the museum are very distinct. It is a sphere-shaped design and the architecture is by Renzo Piano. The terrace of the place has two theatres. Traveler Bill Kramer and Sandy Kenyon said that they has spent time in the museum on their last trip. David Rubin who is the Academy President has displayed the dream-shaped objects of the museum. The museum has a special collection of almost all the movies that got released when you were a kid. Therefore the museum is also called a souvenir sometimes. Jacqueline Stewart who is the chief Programmer also shared the excitement as they are approaching the event.

Both the actors Hanks and Laura Dern are pretty excited to be a special part of this event.


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