Tom Felton loves spending time with Emma Watson! Is the duo really a thing? Rupert Grint himself hints at something romantic between them!

It’s like a dream come true for the Harry Potter fans!  Can you imagine Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger together?  Well, don’t lose hope as the two cause sparks with a sweet reunion!

A few days back, Emma Watson and Tom Felton posted a picture of them. They met in South Africa for a much-awaited reunion! And fans couldn’t be happier! They have already started believing that they are dating! Not only the Potterheads, but we all also want it to be true!

The fans believe that there is a chance of some spark between them as Emma herself had confessed that she used to have a huge crush on Tom!  Well, they are not wrong!  The two share a great and strong bond together. They have been friends since they were cast for the Harry Potter series. Their friendship has lasted for two decades now and lots of years are yet to come! Emma also told that Tom knows about her crush! They always laugh about it.

Emma and Tom had also united last year. They went on a vacation together to Los Angeles and had a great time together. Well, there is something fishy!  Isn’t it? Then they united again this year’s August and had a hell lot of enjoyment in Venice beach.

Emma had revealed about her crush much later. If she had been a little earlier, surely something would have happened between them!  But don’t lose hope Potterheads, it can still happen! Well, Rupert Grint himself confirmed that he saw the spark between them!

Emma Watson and Tom Felton both started their career as child actors in the famous Harry Potter series and have won the hearts of millions!  Their fans keep on increasing as every year, there is a new generation of Harry Potter fans coming up!

Emma’s career has taken a huge uplift since then. She is one of the most famous actresses in the world. Her recent movie Beauty and the Beast was a big hit. Her upcoming movie Little women have also raised a lot of expectations. Tom Felton recently starred in the fictional hit series “flash “.