Tom Cruise Film Earns Praise: Top Gun Maverick Wins Critical Acclaim and Commercial Success

Tom Cruise Film Earns Praise: Top Gun Maverick Wins Critical Acclaim and Commercial Success

Tom Cruise’s latest film, Top Gun: Maverick, has earned widespread critical acclaim and commercial success. Although some critics have tried to knock it down a peg, they fail to realize that the secret to the movie’s success lies in its script. It was nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay at the Oscars this year, which is an impressive feat. However, the real credit goes to the writers who crafted the script.

The Plot of Top Gun: Maverick

Top Gun: Maverick follows the story of Pete “Maverick” Mitchell as he returns to the top-shelf naval piloting academy, known as Top Gun, to train a new generation of all-star recruits. Maverick and the pilots he’s teaching have been told that they’re relics in an era of drone warfare, and they have to prove that the work they do is still worth doing. The film’s plot has a clean thematic throughline, making it easy to follow.

The Smart Relationships Between Characters

The script of Top Gun: Maverick develops several smart relationships between its central characters, making it a standout film. Chief among those is Maverick’s relationship with Rooster, the son of his best friend, Goose, who died in the first film. Maverick has been shielding Rooster from danger throughout his career, and Rooster resents him for it. Rooster is also a thinker, someone who doesn’t recognize that great piloting is about knowing when not to think. It’s not subtle, but it’s the kind of detail that separates an average blockbuster from a great one.

The Importance of Knowing When to Be Subtle

Maverick’s script is loud, bombastic, and blunt, but it also knows how to be subtle when it needs to be. It’s the quiet moments that make this film truly great, as it honors what’s come before while serving the story it’s telling. The scene between Maverick and Iceman, his one-time rival turned ailing boss, is an early moment that signifies how smart Maverick’s script is about subtlety and knowing when to get up close and personal with the characters. These characters all feel like real people, and that’s a credit to the script.

The Cast and Director Made the Script Come to Life

Not only was the script of Top Gun: Maverick well-written, but the cast and director made it come to life. Tom Cruise gives yet another outstanding performance, and his chemistry with his co-stars is evident on the screen. Val Kilmer’s performance is also noteworthy, as he brings depth to his character’s ailing body and speaks to the film’s larger themes of aging and becoming obsolete.

The Perfect Balance of Action and Emotion

The action sequences of Top Gun: Maverick are thrilling, but what makes the film stand out is its emotional depth. The movie perfectly balances its action-packed scenes with its more emotional moments, keeping the audience engaged and invested in the story. Even those who are not fans of the action genre can find something to appreciate in this film.

The Use of Humor

The film’s use of humor adds to its emotional range and keeps the tone lighthearted even during the intense action scenes. The scene where Maverick literally throws the rulebook out on his first day of teaching is a perfect example of the film’s self-awareness and use of humor to keep the audience engaged.

In Conclusion

Top Gun: Maverick is a well-written, well-acted film that has earned the critical acclaim and commercial success it deserves. The script is the foundation of the film’s success, but it’s the cast and director who made it come to life with their outstanding performances. The movie perfectly balances its action-packed scenes with its emotional depth, making it an enjoyable watch for everyone.


1. Is Top Gun: Maverick a sequel?

Yes, Top Gun: Maverick is a sequel to the original Top Gun film from 1986.

2. How was Tom Cruise’s performance in Top Gun: Maverick?

Tom Cruise’s performance in Top Gun: Maverick was outstanding, as he always delivers in his roles. He was able to bring the character of Maverick to life and show the emotional depth needed for the role.

3. What makes Top Gun: Maverick stand out from other action films?

Top Gun: Maverick stands out from other action films due to its emotional depth and the relationships between its characters. It balances the action-packed scenes with the quieter, more emotional scenes, keeping the audience invested in the story. The film’s humor is also a standout feature.

4. Is Top Gun: Maverick a family-friendly movie?

Top Gun: Maverick is rated PG-13, so it may not be suitable for all ages. It contains some intense action scenes and mild profanity.

5. Is Top Gun: Maverick available to watch online?

Yes, Top Gun: Maverick is available to stream on Amazon Prime.