Tom Cruise Comimg back With Top Gun 2. Get all the details about the action-packed film here

 The Wait is Over!

Top Gun Sequel; Top Gun 2 better known as Top Gun: Maverick is coming with your favorite Tom Cruise.

This film is full of Action and Drama, Directed by Joseph Kosinski. Its prequel got released in 1986. Almost a gap of 36 years, With the protagonist Tom was one of the hit movies at that time. And from thereon, fans are keenly waiting for the sequel. However, the best part is, it is happening for real. Here is everything you should know about the release date, cast, and plot.

Release Date of Top Gun 2:

The film was previously set to release on 12 July 2019. It was delayed because the Paramount picture was busy to present the best of it and Obviously it take time to when a film is based on Plans.

Till now, the confirmed Release date is 17th July 2020.

Cast of Top Gun 2:

The Cast members of the Top Gun 2: Maverick is :-.                              Tom Cruise as Captain ‘Maverick’ Mitchell, Miles Teller as Lieutenant Bradley ‘Rosters’ Bradshaw, Jennifer Connelly as Penny Benjamin, Jon Hammad as Vice Admiral and Glen Powell as Hangman.                          Lewis Pullman as Bob. Ed Harris as rear Admiral. Manny Jacinto as Fritz. There will be also many other casts to declare.

Plot of Top Gun 2:

As the film starts after 30 years of Navy Top Aviator ‘Maverick’  got an advancement in its rank. Now he is actually where he belongs. The story revolves when he is training a detachment of Top Gun graduates for a Special task and encounters Lieutenant Bradley call sign: Roster.

So from there, He starts facing unexpected things and his past made him sick. At the climax of the film, they go on a mission that demands a sacrifice of their lives.

Top Gun won Academy award for best Song and Won people choice award for Favourite film.