Tom Cruise and Suri Reuniting After Six Years; Read Further To Know What’s Holding Him Back To Meet His Own Daughter

Suri Cruise was seen leaving her apartment of New York with her stuff, after which the news broke that maybe Suri was finally reuniting with her father, Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise is one of the top-rating actors of Hollywood and has numerous hits on his side, but when it comes down to his personal life, surely he is not that lucky. Her daughter who is 12-years-old now hasn’t met him for the past six years, all because of her mother Katie Holmes.

Suri Crusie

Tom and Katie got divorced in 2013 and that was the last time when the father-daughter pair were spotted together, which was unquestionably a long separation for them. After their divorce, Suri’s custody went to her mom. Although, their custody segment was never made public but it was quite clear who kept the child. Later, Katie started dating Jamie Foxx.

It is rumored that Katie Holmes has broken up with his beau Jamie Foxx and has reunited with Cruise. The inside family source also revealed that Suri has decided to spend more time with her father as she is 12 now and wants a stable relationship with him.

In the end, she just packed her bags and told her mum that she wasn’t taking no for an answer and demanded to see her dad,” Source revealed.

Suri with mom Katie

There are rumors that Katie doesn’t let Suri meet Cruise in the fear of her getting ‘brainwashed‘ by his Scientology community, which was also the said reason for their divorce.

The reason behind Cruise not meeting his daughter for so many years is that he was not allowed by the Scientology community. He cannot have any relationship with her daughter because she is not a Scientologist. But the community’s spokesperson denied it and said there was no such thing and he could meet his daughter whenever he wanted and it was Cruise who had chosen not to see her.

But now as Suri is mature enough to make her decisions, she is bonding back with his long-lost father. Currently, Cruise lives with his 24-years-old adopted son, Connor.