Todd Chrisley’s became “PROTECTIVE” as RACIST troll hitting his Grand-daughter and things got PERSONAL!!

It seems like another celebrity had to face racial discrimination recently. The celeb posted a picture with one of his loved ones and had to face some hateful comments. However, the celeb definitely did not hold back and decided to give an apt reply.

Todd Chrisley Claps Back At One Of The Racist Comment On His Instagram Post.

Apparently, Todd Chrisley posted an adorable picture with his seven-year-old granddaughter Chloe, he also announced that she will be joining him for an episode of his podcast. However, the picture soon saw one cringe comment from one of the users.

This user left a rather disturbing racist comment on the picture saying that Todd should have married within his own color and by doing that he could have not screwed up the kid! While the comment was cringe-worthy, Todd surely clapped back. Take a look at the Instagram post where things got personal real quick.

Todd Gave A Fitting Reply To The Oersin And Hope That God Grants The Hater Some Clarity!

Todd soon replied to the user that he wishes that the person lives long enough to see that it is not color that screws up the kids but gate and ignorance that makes kids bitter. He further also added that he hopes that God grants the person enough clarity and also tempers his heart. We are glad that the celeb clapped back the person who made such a cringe worthy comment on the post.

The whole racial discrimination has been heating up considering the recent death of George Floyd. Even Todd’s daughter Savannah has made a major revelation of how Chloe has been taught to be extra cautious around the police authorities.