To celebrate soccer team’s victory, a forensic expert raped a girl’s corpse.

Recently, horrifying news came from Brazil. According to reports, the police arrested a morgue worker for having sex with the corpse of a girl. The man was drunk and did this shameful act to celebrate the victory of his soccer team. Of course, the higher authorities fired him from the job after the incident. It took place in Institute of Legal Medicine in Manaus.

Apparently the name of the man is Wanderley dos Santos Silva and he is 52 years old. He used to work as a forensic expert for the Institute of Legal Medicine. The institute fired him after a police officer walked in on him having sex with the minor’s corpse in the presence of his friend. Reports also say he tried to run away. It is not obvious yet if he is under detention or not. Sources say that Silva and his male colleague were out enjoying Flamengo’s win against River Plate in the continental Copa Libertadores on 22nd of November.

After getting drunk he and his colleague apparently returned to his office in the first hours of the next morning. Locals testimony an officer from the Department of Forensic Police going into the morgue to collect information about a female corpse. And at that time, they saw the man having sex with the dead body.

Immediately the Department of Forensic Police received the reports regarding the case. The authorities immediately discharged Silva and his unnamed friend from their duties for ‘serious functional faults’. A police launched a case into necrophilia.

Local reporters stated that according to law Silva could face a sentence of one to three years in prison if found accused of having sex with the corpse.