Korg from Thor Ragnarok is One of the Strongest Characters in Marvel Franchise – A Review

Korg is a fictional character appearing in Marvel comic created by Greg Pak and Carlo Pagulayan. The character first appeared in Incredible Hulk vol. 2 #93 in the “planet hulk” storyline. As in the movie, he is also seen in Thor Ragnarok, Avengers Endgame, and will also be seen in Thor’s love and thunder.

What are the special abilities Korg have?

Just like all the other Kronans Korg also possess a body which is made of a durable, silicon-based substance that gives him protection nearly against all form of physical harm. Even in the oxygen-rich atmosphere, Korg has super strength, which is almost equal to Thing. And above all this, he also has a prolonged lifetime. He has immense physical power, and when fighting with a gladiator, he did a great display of power.

credit: ew.com

The history of his character

Korg is a part of the Kronan seen in Journey into Mystery #83; then, he was defeated by Thor when Stone Men tried to invade Earth. Korg became a prisoner of Red King on planet Sakaar. He was also made to kill his own brother Margus against his will; therefore, this still haunts him. When Hulk was on the Red King’s planet, then Korg became an ally to Hulk, and then it was the team of five, also known as gladiators. They stood up against Red King than they also managed to defeat Wonder Man.

Korg is also seen in world war hulk comic as a sort of detective. However strong he is, he is still afraid of The Thunder God. In the “World War hulks,” Bruce Banner calls Korg to defeat MODOK. In “Chaos War( 2010-2011),” Korg again helps Hulk by force of Amatsu-Mikaboshi. During “Civil War II,” Korg was with Warbound and discovered Bruce is dead, but than Korg discovers it is not true after-all, and Hulk just wanted to be left alone.