Thom Yorke blamed his lifestyle for his hypocrisy in BBC’s interview. He defended himself saying that he has not option but to fly for his work!

English musician, songwriter and singer Thomas Edward Yorke recently made news after calling himself a hypocrite. He said this while in an interview with “Desert Island Discs” by the BBC. Yorke said that even though he campaigns on climate change, he is someone who has to fly for his work. And that is why he feels he is a hypocrite because he is constantly at odds with his lifestyle. But at the same time, Yorke says his work demands his lifestyle, and there is little he can do about it.

Thomas says that people can do stuff, but real stuff will happen in the Parliament and it should happen soon. The songwriter openly supports “Friends of the Earth” and “Greenpeace.” Radiohead is the name of Yorke’s band, and in June, the band released many hours of materials. People had not heard the material before. The material was from the mid-1990s, and they released it as Extinction Rebellion. Some cyber attackers stole that material and demanded $150,000 from the band in exchange for the audio. The material was from Radiohead’s 1997 album.

Hence, to revolt against it without complaining or ignoring the case, they released 18 hours of that unheard material. They called this action as non-violence, civil disobedience. In the interview, Yorke also spoke about his personal life. He spoke about how his former long-term partner, Rachel Owen, passed away in 2016. Rachel and Yorke had two children of their own, and they were in a relationship for 23 years before they split in August 2015.

Yorke said during the interview that the kids went through a very difficult time after the death of their mother. He reveals that Owen suffered a lot before her death, and he hopes that he could come out of the incident with his children. Yorke also said that he could never take the place of his children’s mother, but he tries his best every day. He says that he is proud of his children, and it stuns him to see how great they have become as individuals.