This is how Mac Miller’s fans remembered him on his first death anniversary!

It has been a year since the tragic incident of Mac Miller’s death. The rapper had died due to an overdose of drugs. Mac Miller was found dead in his apartment on September 7, 2018. It was then said that an overdose of drugs can be the reason but further investigations revealed that the cause of death was a combination of cocaine, alcohol, and fentanyl.

A man had been charged earlier this month for allegedly supplying Miller the exact fake imitation of oxycodone pills which contain fentanyl. If the man is convicted of the charges, he can get up to 20 years in federal jail.

It has been one year to the death of the superstar and his fans took to social media to remember him. Miller’s death has certainly hit hard upon his fans. Some fans went back to the time when they got to know about his death while some thanked him for leaving the good music behind which will be cherished forever.

One of the fans wrote on Twitter, “One year since we lost this beautiful man, we miss you every day.”

Fans from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which is Mac’s hometown, gathered in the Blue Side Park on September 6, 2019. The fans had gathered for a memorial service that had been organized by The Mac Miler Memoir. The group had been found by a group of people after Miller’s death. The park also has a significance as it is inspired by Miller’s 2011 debut studio.

Mac had been always open about his substance abuse experiences and mental health. He also said that this had been affecting his mental health, and the music was the purest outlet of his true self.

Though Miller is no more with us his music will always stay in our hearts.