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This actress is the only one who got the opportunity to run with Tom Cruise on screen! Who is she?

In his defense, he does have a genuine reason for doing so

Here is a lesser-known fact about Tom Cruise- the actor isn’t a big fan of letting anyone run beside him onscreen. The 58-year-old actor, who is known worldwide for being a thrill seeker and does his own stunts (while suffering many injuries in the process as well) is very fast and isn’t comfortable running with anyone who cannot keep up with him.

So who is the person he made an exception for? It’s Annabelle Wallis, known for Peaky Blinders and Annabelle, who had acted with Cruise for his 2017 movie The Mummy. The actress spoke about working with Cruise, and how he had first said ‘no’ to running with him.

She spoke about his no-running-together rule, and replied by saying, “But I’m a really good runner.” The actress spoke about timing her treadmill so that when he’d walk in, he would see her run. So he finally made an exception and added the scenes.

What’s the status with Mission Impossible 7?

Currently Tom is busy with the filming of Mission Impossible 7 with the production restarting after a month after being called off due to the coronavirus pandemic. But the filming was called off on Tuesday after a stuntman’s motorbike burst into flames and caused damage to the £2 million set. It was caused due to a miscalculation on a stunt involving jumping the bike from a ramp, as reported by The Sun.

The stuntman was originally supposed to land on a heap of pillows padded with cardboard, while the bike lands a few metres away, but when the bike crashed, the heat and friction from the tyres sparked with the cardboard and was set ablaze. The smoke got to such a level that they had to close a nearby RAF airfield.

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