These Two Artists Chris Stapleton and Pink Joined Forces To Create Magic On Stage and Mesmerized audience!!.

We all love it when our favorite stars collaborate and create magic on stage. We can’t be thankful enough for the number of times when collaborations have simply created something so creative and also bagged awards as well. Recently two artists have teamed up, and we can’t keep calm!

Who All Are Collaborating For A Performance?

Apparently, it seems like pop and country music will once again collide and create something marvelous on stage.  On the CMA Awards Show, which will take place this Wednesday night, Chris Stapleton and Pink joined forces for a performance of “Love Me Anyway.” We can already feel the excitement that their music will create.

It Seems Like Magic On Stage By These Two Celebs!

Moreover, the song Love Me Anyway was co-written by Pink, Allen Shamblin, and Thomas Douglas. Pink and Stapleton have previously performed together. It seems like Pink and Stapleton’s 2019 CMA Awards collaboration was the first televised performance of the song. The two have earlier performed the soundtrack in May. They both performed Pink’s concert at New York City’s Madison Square Garden. The two were knee into their songs, and the stage never looked more beautiful.

Chris Stapleton praised his fellow artist. He captioned a picture of their powerful performance. He penned down a heartfelt caption saying that Pink is of his favorite songwriters, favorite voice, and person. He further said that it was an absolute honor to share the stage with her. Pink was awarded the People’s Champion Award this year for her philanthropic work. She brought her whole family to share this joyous occasion with them. She said that what difference one person can make in this big world if that person id passionate enough. We also love the singer for her personality and the magic she creates through her songs for her fans.