Top 10 Underrated roles of Keanu Reeves to remember his Brilliance!

Keanu Reeves Illustrated Filmography is to watch out for!

Keanu Reeves has been a quite popular name in the industry over the years. But little do we know the start of his career wasn’t that fruitful to remember. Until release dates shifted, May 21, 2021, was to be the apex of his stardom as both John Wick 4 and The Matrix 4 were due on the same day. As fans prepare for a new Bill And Ted, here are 10 Keanu Reeves roles you should head back and see.


Keanu was just a part of the massive ensemble that was Ron Howard’s Parenthood. The 1989 underrated classic should be watched by all families of all ages to fully understand the viewpoint of each member of the Buckman family.

Johnny Mnemonic

Four years before he hacked into The Matrix, Reeves was playing Johnny Mnemonic, a man being hunted by the Yakuza for the data that was stored in his head.


Reeves has always tipped his feet into the action pool. Speed was the first big action movie for Keanu that caught on like gangbusters.

Feeling Minnesota

Soundgarden’s lyrics from “Outshined” influenced the title of this Reeves movie Feeling Minnesota, which had a powerhouse cast, all right on the cusp of achieving A-List status.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Reeves tackles Jonathan Harker in Francis Ford Coppola’s adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

My Own Private Idaho

In one of River Phoenix’s final performances, he teamed up with Keanu Reeves for the Indie classic, My Own Private Idaho.

Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction would have been one of those “bargain bin” movies, had it not been for the cast. Reeves and Morgan Freeman team up for the action thriller. Reeves plays Eddie Kasalivich, an engineer forced to go on the run for a murder he didn’t commit.

The Gift

Sam Raimi directs a very un-Sam Raimi tale, featuring Keanu Reeves playing a very un-Keanu Reeves type of role in 2000s The Gift.


After partaking in the heavily inspired by Anime Matrix trilogy, Reeves delved headlong into the comic book world. He tackled the role of the Hellblazer in Constantine. The movie is returning shortly with a sequel now.

The Devil’s Advocate

Speaking of Hell, Keanu Reeves has dabbled in ghosts and goblins for his entire career. In The Devil’s Advocate, he plays hotshot Florida lawyer, Kevin Lomax he’s offered a phenomenal dream job in New York.