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These are the best movies you can watch this Halloween to enjoy the spooky time of the year to its maximum! Check out the list.

The pandemic isn’t over yet and it’s already Halloween. Unfortunately, we can’t go on to every door dressed as ghosts asking for chocolates obviously because the ghost this year is COVID-19 and it’ll kill us if we do so. So what should we do now? Well, the only thing left is to stay at home and binge watch movies with our family and enjoy some mouth watering dishes. And have a turkey eating competition like Joey from FRIENDS.

So here we have listed some interesting Halloween movies for you to enjoy.

1) Ready Or Not- Number one in the list is Ready Or Not. The central character is Grace who is newly married and her in laws force her to play a deadly game of hide and seek. And she struggles to stay alive.

2) Fantasy Island – Moving on, next in the list is Fantasy Island in which a group of strangers think that they have won an exotic vacation but soon get trapped on the island and realise that it was their worst decision.

3) Crawl – This movie is my personal favorite because I generally like watching deadly animal centric movies. The protagonist is a young girl who goes to check on her father after a hurricane but they fail to escape due to the alligators blocking their path and they struggle to stay alive.

4) Repo! The Genetic Opera – This movie is a mixture of two genres. The first one is horror obviously because we are talking about Halloween movies and the second one, as the name suggests is music. It’s an interesting gory movie which you must give a try.

5) Us – The list could have gone so long but we would like to conclude with our last Halloween movie suggestion and that’s Us. A family is attacked by their doppelgängers on a vacation and it turns horrific for them.

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