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There Might Be Some Serious Trouble In Kim And Kanye’s Marital Paradise!

It seems like there’s trouble in paradise for one of the most talked-about couple, Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West! Media tabloids have reported that the two might be living separately and some trouble might have arisen in their marriage!

Is There Trouble In Paradise For Kim Kardashian And Kanye West?

An insider has reported that while Kim is busy with her projects and works, Kanye is busy with his and their work doesn’t overlap much further staying that the two are living separate lives!

This rumor has been sparked further when the rapper was absent Kim’s 40th birthday bash that was an island gateway party. Moreover, this raised many questions for fans. While Kanye West did send across a heartfelt present of a hologram of Kim’s late father, Robert Kardashian.  Fans are even speculating that their sudden distance might have been created after Kanye West disclosed some personal details during his presidential run.

Rumors Of Problems Are Arising After Kanye West’s Absence From Kim’s 40th Birthday Bash.

The rapper went on to reveal that the pair once even considered abortion, Kim, however, soon defended her husband and urged people to show some comparison and empathy. Moreover, it was also reported that Kim wanted to save her marriage and was not quite thrilled about the whole presidential run.

Moreover, Contrary to these rumors, some have stated that the two are busy with their work and Kim just lets Kanye go off and be who he is. Moreover, the couple is reportedly planning to have a low key holiday get together as well with the family. The two are putting all their time on their work and kids at this point. 

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