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There is a hype in the war between CRM and Commonwealth…as of The Walking Dead season 11 Fan poster!!!

The Commonwealth and the Civic Republic Military are ready for war. New fan poster hyping a coming conflict. So are you all ready for The Walking Dead season 11?

There is a coming war in the Walking Dead season 11. A coming war will soon be installed between the Commonwealth and CMR. This is the eleventh season of AMC’s zombie apocalypse drama.

It is a big figure ever. That’s the final go-around for the venerable series. The Walking Dead still has to finish up season 10. It is going to be a round of six bonus episodes. The COVID disrupted the show’s production. So The Walking Dead is indeed going to have a lot of business. So season 11 is finally going to get underway.

The epic events have seriously got down. That is none other than the season 10 finale. The Walking Dead universe seriously brought season 11 underway. There are epic events that came in the season 10 finale. The arrival of Commonwealth is bigger than of Walking Dead Universe. It’s all about an organized community depicted in the Walking Dead comics.

The first hint of Commonwealth was itself dropped on the show. Eugene began communicating by radio. Comes a mysterious woman named Stephanie. So very soon an expedition was organized. So that was just a meetup setting. Eugene’s group including Princess and Ezekiel. Finally, an encounter was made of armored soldiers of the Commonwealth.

There is something more to reveal about the Commonwealth and their soldiers. It is all about the upcoming season 10 bonus episode “Splinter”.That was all about Princess and Ezekiel trying to escape their captors. Also, a lot was revealed in Season 11. That was seriously a big role. That is what made the community dangerous.

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