The Witcher Star Joey Batey on Playing Jaskier, Working With Henry Cavill!!

The Witcher star Joey Batey on Playing Jaskier is working with Henry Cavill and is also planning for joining the cast for his Lute skills. Joey Batey has become a quite a famous person with his talents and tricks. He has so much talents that he became such a great actor for the cast as well as for the audience. Everyone opted and welcomed him with open arms.

Joey is playing as Jaskier and he plays lute in it. He is currently working with Henry Cavill. Joey is a witcher star now. But he is planing to do other roles with his Lute skills.

Also the actor is actually such a down to earth person. Joey was recently interviewed. In that the reporter praised him for his talent and the work he did. Even though Joey accepts the compliments, he still says that it is not just because of him and that each everyone in the cast has done their role, which made the movie a better one.
There were opinions on how Joey can never be replaced and that much of a skill he has on the Lute. But Joey disagrees. He says that not just because of him and that everyone helped him. Also the director chose me because of the Lute talent but rest what came to me was a bonus, which the director also saw. Other than it was nothing more. It came as a bonus and the director accepted him and his talents.
Well the cast people did a right thing, otherwise it would would have been a waste for them for loosing such a great personality and a talented person like him.
Hopefully the cast sees to it and that everyone accepts him to the family and to the movie with an open arm.