The Witcher Renewed! Liam Hemsworth Replaces Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia for Seasons 4 and 5

Netflix Renews The Witcher for Seasons 4 and 5, Liam Hemsworth to Replace Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia

The Witcher fans rejoice! Just ahead of the release of Season 3, Netflix confirms that the show will return for Seasons 4 and 5. However, there is a surprise brewing as Henry Cavill’s time as Geralt of Rivia comes to an end. The popular actor will be replaced by Hunger Games’ Liam Hemsworth for Seasons 4 and 5. But don’t worry, Netflix is confident that the show’s success will continue with Hemsworth’s brilliant performance. Below is a detailed overview of what we know so far.

The Witcher Renewed for Two More Seasons

It looks like we will be spending more quality time with Geralt of Rivia and other beloved characters, thanks to Netflix’s surprise renewal of The Witcher for two additional seasons. While there is much uncertainty and speculation about the new seasons, we do know that Liam Hemsworth is taking over the role of Geralt of Rivia from Henry Cavill. So far, the information on Season 4 and 5 is limited, but we do know that the fourth season is currently in production.

Liam Hemsworth Takes Over as Geralt of Rivia for Seasons 4 and 5

Cavill’s departure came as a blow to fans of the show, especially after his impressive portrayal of Geralt of Rivia. However, the news of Hemsworth taking over the role brought some relief and excitement amongst fans. Hemsworth is a well-respected actor, having made his mark in the Hunger Games series, Independence Day: Resurgence, and other successful films. As he makes his debut as Geralt of Rivia, fans can’t wait to see how he will make the role his own.

Casting Director Confirms Renewal and Filming for Seasons 4 and 5

Sophie Holland, The Witcher’s casting director, confirmed in a recent Deadline Magazine interview that the show is indeed renewed for seasons 4 and 5, stating that “We’re just about to start filming on season four with Liam Hemsworth and there will be a short gap, then we go straight into season five.” While the confirmation of the renewal comes as a great surprise, the absence of an official announcement from Netflix is unprecedented. The streaming giant usually announces renewals months in advance.

Season 3 Launches in Two Parts, First in June, Second in July

Season 3 will be Cavill’s final season as Geralt of Rivia. The first part of the season premieres on June 29, 2023, while the second part is scheduled to launch on July 27, 2023. Fans eagerly await to see what will become of Geralt, Ciri, and Yennefer after the events of Season 2.

Expect a Mix of New Characters and Returning Favorites

While details of the new seasons remain under wraps, casting director Sophie Holland has hinted that we can expect to see a mix of new characters and familiar faces in the new season. Holland mentioned that one new character introduced in Season 3 would make a return in Season 5. Fans have been speculating on which character that could be, with many hoping for Vesemir, Geralt’s mentor in the books.

Netflix Continues to Invest in The Witcher

The renewal of The Witcher indicates Netflix’s confidence in the show’s continued success, even despite the change in lead actors. The investment in the show as part of its Witcher TV Universe is a smart move by Netflix and promises to keep fans engaged for years to come.

The Witcher TV Universe is Forming

Netflix has big plans for The Witcher, and producers have revealed that they are developing multiple spinoffs for the show. The Witcher: Blood Origin, a prequel to the main series, is already available on Netflix. Additionally, an animated prequel series titled The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf premiered in 2021. The Witcher fans can expect even more spinoffs in the future.

Expect High-Quality Production Value

The Witcher’s success on Netflix is due in no small part to its high production value. The show’s incredible visuals, elaborate sets, and brilliant storytelling have captivated audiences worldwide. As production on the new seasons continues, we can expect the same high-quality from the show and all its spinoffs.

How Will Liam Hemsworth’s Geralt of Rivia Compare to Henry Cavill’s?

With Henry Cavill’s departure from The Witcher, fans are inevitably going to compare the two actors’ interpretations of the character. However, it is worth remembering that each actor brings their unique style to the role. While Cavill did an excellent job, Hemsworth is sure to bring his take on the character, and fans may be pleasantly surprised. Only time will tell which actor portrays the beloved character better.

Will The Witcher Spinoffs be as Successful as the Main Series?

The success of The Witcher series has led to the development of multiple spinoffs, including Blood Origin and Nightmare of the Wolf. While both spinoffs have been well-received, whether they will achieve the same success as the main series remains to be seen. Fans are eagerly waiting for the launch of more spinoffs, and it will be interesting to see how they are received.

What Can Fans Expect from The Witcher Season 4?

With little known about Season 4, fans are clamoring for any details they can get. It is likely that production will continue from Season 3’s cliffhanger, so we can expect to see Geralt of Rivia, Yennefer, and Ciri continue their story. Fans are also hoping to see some new characters and exciting plotlines to keep the show fresh and innovative.

When Will Netflix Release The Witcher Season 4?

While filming for The Witcher Season 4 is underway, Netflix has yet to announce an official release date. Given the usual turnaround time for TV shows, it’s possible that we will see Season 4 sometime in 2024. However, with the writers’ strike and the ongoing pandemic, there could be some delay. For now, all we can do is wait and speculate.


The Witcher fans can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that their beloved show is being renewed for seasons 4 and 5. While Henry Cavill’s departure is disappointing, Liam Hemsworth is more than capable of making the role his own. With new characters, storylines, and spinoffs on the horizon, The Witcher franchise promises to keep fans engaged for years to come.