The Winds of Winter is in works right now and might come really soon! Here are all the updates you need to know.

The very popular series Game of Thrones has its sixth book with the title, The Winds Of Winter. It is started by George R.R. Martin. Fans of the writer are eagerly waiting for the The Winds Of The winter to release. Let us find out when will it launch? What could be the storyline? Who all are in the major role? And there are a lot such questions that we have in mind.

Release Date:

Well, according to the present reposts George has not yet completed his book. Thus, it will not release this year. However, he revealed that work is going on for the book’s completion due to the outbreak of the pandemic. But it’s not gonna release soon, it’ll take some time, fans need to wait long for it. The writer mentioned in one of his blogs that he is working on the book by staying at a remote area and he has permitted just one staff of his to pay a visit to him.

Cast Of Winds Of Winter:

Winds of Winter will be having The following characters. The Dothraki, Marillion, The Sand Snakes, Osha, Jeyne Westerling, John Snow, Edric Storm, Sansa Stark, Bran Stark, Arya Stark, Rickon Stark, Daenerys Targaryen, The Mountain, Cersei Lannister, The Hound and few other.

Plot :

We will be witnessing a big smash in the book. It will have two enormous battles. These battles are none other than seizing of Meereen by Yunkai and of Winterfell by Stanni. In addition we’ll also get to see more deaths, more marriages, and more betrayals or more of emotions to be precise. Moreover, it is likely to come in two volumes as the author mentioned it to be an enormous one.

Since the author is working on the plot we could get more information about it ones the pandemic ends. Thus, currently all we need to do is to wait