The Willoughby’s Post-Credits Sceneon Netflix is something you won’t be comfortable with at all: it is Super Gross!

After a whimsical journey thru the superbly animated international of Netflix The Willoughbys It is a bit unexpected to discover a strangely disgusting post-credit score scene.

The Willoughbys is a 3-D animated film based totally on a e book of the equal name by using Lois Lowery and directed by Kris Pearn, whose past works consist of Cloudy with a hazard of meatballs The film became produced via BRON Studios.

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It’s happening real soon, folks! Add it to your watchlist👀 that hero prop has a halo for a reason. #thewilloughbys #netflix #bronanimation

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It is the studio’s first partnership with Netflix, and best the second authentic animation venture on Netflix, after Klaus The Willoughbys It tells the story of four eccentric brothers whose engrossed parents (Martin Short and Jane Krakowski) overlook them in favor in their romantic life.

Disillusioned and ready for drastic change, the kids arrange a strategy for orphans by way of sending them on a journey around the international. However, their plans to stay independently don’t move too far while Linda (Maya Rudolph), a babysitter, arrives to attend to them.

The Willoughbys He undertakes a dark but playful adventure searching for his independence, always thinking his autonomy and love as a circle of relatives. In fact, the turns in The Willoughbys getting darker for a youngsters’s movie.

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Unlike most movies of the equal type, parents never analyze from their mistakes and in the long run find a terrible ending, leaving the youngsters to subsequently begin their new lives as the circle of relatives they usually wanted, in conjunction with Linda and her new friend, candy maker Commander Melanoff (Terry Crews).

It could have felt out of vicinity if it was shown earlier than or all through the credits, as the tale got deeper and greater sentimental. In that case, that would have been the ultimate image inside the viewer’s head. But after the credits are over, it’s only a little nod to the character.

After all, it’s miles unlikely that many kids in the target market would have expected additional content material at the quit of the movie in the fashion of a post-credit scene from the Marvel movie.